Fields are Breathing

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Nineteen-eighty-seven, yes.

highly intense colors

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how is this intensely colored? it isn’t, but it has reflections and a looking-through window effect.

i think i’ve never been to the wurstelprater at night before. lights and more lights.

tourists everywhere.

nadine and kreso thinking about the getting on the ride seen in the picture below. they didn’t.

lots of flares. the streaky things to the right are caused by a dirty lens. i think it adds character.

spinning thing high above; chairoplane i think. according to a sign it’s the world’s highest at 117m. the view must be fantastic.

oh no, it’s going to crash!

another night: this guy made me think of the simpsons quote about hawaiian shirts.

looking more hammered than they actually are.

one of the most fun family portraits we’ve ever done.

sometimes when i walk past shiny walls i just have to take a self-portrait.

it’s definitely autumny now, just look at the light.

here i was checking out spots for wedding portraits with my sister.

this was also a candidate. in the end we looked at ~10 places, suitable for different weather conditions. the top one met the criteria for the wedding day.

while looking around, another wedding was taking place. we sneakingly got out of their way.

another night…

…we decided to wear shades. they made me trip at least 5 times.

all those guys just randomly flocked to our table and occupied spaces.

hiding with an implied “we should go someplace else”

“take a picture of me eating this rose!”

right before taking this one i tripped due to the darkness of the shades.

the most fascinating thing about this club was, how well ventilated it was. people were smoking, dancing and stuff, but the air was clean and breathable.


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autumn colors, ccd saturation and flares, lens flares.

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