Family Reunion in f/1.4

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Sun + ND8 = f/1.4

On the first weekend of August we had this huge family reunion in Hungary (where it all began). All in all there were 4 generations originating from my paternal great-grandmother. Not everyone could attend, but 80+ people is still a lot.

There was talking, eating, drinking, stories, hugs & kisses, intense heat, fun, exhaustion and some of us (including me) underestimated the combination of wind and sun.
Everyone got to live in tiny houses with interiors smaller than a hotel room.
I shared a room with my cousin. The pillow was unusually flat and thin.
Some kind of memorial that played music and was surrounded by a moat.
Driving to Kőszeg; in need of an ATM
Probably only a tenth of the pack.
Pebbles and bare feet = very zenCampfire, wine and kids playing with fire.
Let’s follow the dirt marks! They lead us into the woods; ideal for walking.
Hissing geese!
About 3.5km later the forest ended and we found ourselves in Bozsok. The village we would all meet up after lunch anyway.
Not dust or dirt, but dragonflies.
Goulash! Is it ready yet?
This building seemed familiar. Apparently we met here once at the reunion in 1992.

Two plates of goulash and bread later we were ready for a brief overview of historical horsemanship, intense heat and the 2011 family football cup in … Boszok.
Paper hat!
A very friendly dog belonging to the stable.The guy in blue talked about historical forms of horsemanship. Gaining the trust of your horse, no horseshoes, no saddle …
… all of which he later demonstrated. Just look at the trust horse and rider have built up over the years.
Some contemporary horsemanship.
No trees for hiding under. Some of us saw that as an opportunity to get coffee and beer at the adjacent restaurant.
Part of Team Hungary. Halftime.
The dark blue ones are Team Rest of the World; mostly Americans.
Dark Blue won 1:0!
I did not attend the winetasting, but I heard that they served white wine unchilled at whatever temperature it came out of the winery’s transporter.
Getting ready for the group photo. Imagine 3+ more generations standing in the back, to the sides, sitting on the floor in front and also the camera moving back a lot.

After that we had a buffet-dinner in the village’s dining hall to conclude the reunion.
Some started another campfire and gathered again, but I was too tired and suburnt, so sleep was the better option. 

tobi elias baptism

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so, on sunday was the baptism of my nephew and i was his godfather. it was very, very cold in the church, but luckily the priest made the ceremony last only 15mins.

pictures are from the dinner after the ceremony.

my grandmother looking all flirty with the priest. i don’t know what he said, but it must’ve been a nice compliment.

tobi slept through the dinner. look at his tiny little suit.

oh, my mom broke her hand recently and everyone signed the cast. the handprint is tobi’s


‘them colors are moving’

with friends

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super short entry, because i shot more film than digital in the last few months. but i don’t have a scanner and some rolls are still undeveloped.

here’s some impressions of what i do when i’m out with friends when it’s cold outside. cold means temperatures under 10°C with occasional wind and rain. nah, ok it’s been windy and rainy all the time.

the first few photos were taken at the brunswick bowling-alley in the prater.


nadiene . i think 2 pins were still standing after this throw.


it was a saturday and there were about a million people. luckily we had a reservation.


kreso giving out tips to nadiene. his tips didn’t help much.


other amateur bowlers. 1/2″ exp. because we were talking about ghosts. so ghosts.

enough with the bowling. i did take more shots at the alley, but i think they’re boring. so, below is what we did a week later.

a club called “stylez” at the beginning of neubaugasse. everything was orange. too orange, in fact.


kreso saying “hi” to nadiene.


i liked the friendly look of the girl to the left. so, hi there unknown.


flo, i think. he was a thirsty fella


something funny was said.


nice light and a lot of cocktails (some empty) on the table. the looked huge, but just because of the ice-cubes in them.


the blurry blob on the left is marie, flo on the right and the hand is alex. see, sooo much ice in the glass.


there, everyone is listening.


some mcd before going home. she’s talking about the different kinds of salad they have, with passion.

i didn’t shoot more, because i was so occupied with drinking alcoholic beverages. surprisingly i had no headache the next day.


next day, right before visiting my parents. lovely colors.


while smoking outside at 8:30pm and 3°C

hope i can show more photos in my next post, or i’ll just post something from the archives.

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