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This new year’s eve was celebrated in Budapest.

131230-183315 131230-185359 131230-190712
Our train was delayed; a little something to pass the time.

131230-214920 131230-220259 131230-222237 131230-223519 131230-232017
Left: Hungarian National Museum – Right: Our hostel

131230-233813 131231-010021
Gene (one genuinely great guy) from the Budapest Bubble accompanied us to some clubs.

131231-011825 131231-015028 131231-111024
Serious headache and hangover face; next morning, 11am

131231-114630 131231-121542 131231-145107 131231-152459 131231-180145 131231-180312 131231-181218
These ladies offered vodka as part of a promotion for their club.

131231-184340 131231-194011 131231-194217 131231-210425
serious amounts of alcohol

131231-221124 131231-221516 131231-221751
general crazy shenanigans

131231-222132 131231-222449 131231-230317 140101-000644 140101-154110

bits and pieces

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another installment of the random kind. they’re bits and pieces of numerous stories.

everything in chronological order.

arriving at the train station, waiting to board.

in the car with my sister to go and help berni get his car started

we couldn’t get it to run, so we decided to tow him home

the tow-cable was scary short and my sister was going 70kph. eventually (1km from home) the cable broke. we tied a knot and it got even more scary-short. later we learned that the car was fine; the chip in the key was borked.

upon arriving back in vienna, a massive storm showed up.

two days later water from the storm was still standing in the prater.

and another watery prater view.

i decided to walk around without any particular destination and ended up in the arsenal.

kreso and i play lots of pool lately; we even bought cue-sticks. also this is a very nice pool-café at st.marx run by a very nice couple.

my pseudo-quiche experiment without eggs, but very delicious :)

cyclist at 3:30am and two drunk kids in a shopping cart.

she was fun; came in smiling, sat down and greeted me nicely.

i love these glowing orb, misty atmosphere/dirty lens light orbs.

this was on my way home after a night out and cooking for friends. it was great to cook at someone else’s place, for: no dishes to wash!

at my parents place i got distracted by sun-play while watering the plants.

sun through slit and smoke.

water, sun and trees.

water and sun at high shutter speeds. looks almost like space.

motion with water and sun.

was at the skin doctor with my sister to get some moles checked: all fine. while walking around this dog stood there waiting for his owner.

behind my parents garden. this is a neighbors cat; she was just sitting there, turning her head ever so slightly.

this i love about being away from the city. stars, lots of stars.

everyone was rushing to catch the train, including me.

the train had odd, artifacting  polarizing filters on the windows.

and it’s a self-portait.

this fly, in the most thoughtful manner, died in a wonderful pose.

it’s storm season. the storms are so powerful and full of lightning that it is virtually impossible to take a photo and not catch some lightning.

also: caught one with my ipod nano. this one was about 500~600m away and killed the street lamps.

this is a rooftop garden of the akh. ‘slightly’ overprocessed.

lights and more lights. looks so much more impressive with a wider lens (or if seen in person)

kinda like the how the light, though harsh, plays softly with clouds and surroundings.

pinhole fun: it always produces rainbows <3 …

… and wonderful starbursts. but it also shows that i should really clean the sensor. (the top one has most spots cloned out)

it’s just standing there. and around it construction sites.

everyone is totally confused due to the bad signage and crosswalk zoo at the hauptbahnhof construction site. man with beer knows the way :)

orange, red, blue!

dumping this here

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sunny and warm. oh and a slight case of oversaturated ccd …

he was yelling “hey!” while i took this :)

slightly defocused; i think it gives a nice effect

some golden monopoly

like the weathered letters on bright yellow

this hotel looks quite ugly if you at it in whole, but if you only look at certain parts it becomes an interesting pattern madness. i guess this is how the architect sold it to the owners.

let’s all be patriots … or whatever.

all this dirt must be horrible when it gets windy

through colored glass

continuing the color theme

saw this when walking home one night.

above 2: popfest at karlsplatz

it was raining a lot in may

here i am standing in between the tracks, but it was totally safe (kinda) since nothing was moving here due to a technical fault.

this was once a place named südbahnhof

without the the südbahnhof buildings this park has become quite bright

playing pool at gasometer. i think the table was not exactly level (just very, very slightly)

whatever this is, i think it looked neat

this is looking the other way of the very first shot in this entry

9 plus 1 equals 10

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happy new year.

i was very lazy with the photography, so there’s not a lot i can show. anyway:

nadine invited us to celebrate the new year in vorarlberg, as her family has a holiday home there.

we started the journey on the 30th at noon, but before fun and partying we had to sit 7 hours in the car.

after about a quarter of the drive, this “car-trailer+car-on-trailer” combination  in front of us nearly crashed due to a faulty tire. luckily no one was hurt.

we arrived at around 8pm. nadine’s parents were very nice and prepared pizza and salad for us. thank you.

that day we re-discovered the addictiveness of monopoly.

this is nadine’s dog. she’s a real cutie. she watched over kreso and me while the others went skiing.

we wanted to go sledding, but since there was no snow (except for the artificial one on the slopes) we stayed home to do the shopping, cooking, and so on.

after the others arrived it cleared up for a few minutes and so i got a chance to photograph the nighttime view from out balcony. impressive.

an hour later: kreso tries on the cap my sister borrowed me.

salty things and alcohol

christina on the right. me on the left: my lens cap tasted a little dry.

andi and christina. andi had a cold and eventually got us all coughing.

still half an hour to go.

then nearing midnight we had sparkly wine outside and wished each other a new year.

i then sat down outside and enjoyed the view:

the firework was amazing, because it came from everywhere.

christina telling me to get up and get dressed for the next party. luckily that party was only 3 houses away. yay.

the guy with the shirt was the host of this party: martin. he’s christina’s roommate in vienna.

we got home at around 3am, or so.

the weather was mostly fine on january 1st, but we were too tired to do anything. so we just hung around, playing games, chilling…

being tired and lazy we decided to eat at a restaurant. still no snow anywhere.

in fact we were so tired that we went to bed at 11pm already and slept like rocks.

january 2nd brought real snow. not a lot, but everything was white. while the others went skiing again, kreso and i took the dog for a walk on (or rather next to) the slope.

the mountains are hiding in snow clouds.

at first we wanted to drive home on the 2nd, but nadine warned us of the traffic. saying: “if you drive now, your 7 hour drive will turn into an 11 hour one.”

the morning of january 3rd. what a nice view from the balcony.

before we left we also took a group shot.

it was very nice and relaxing and while andi got us all sick it was totally worth it.



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so, yesterday we went bowling again. we had it all neatly planned out:

play 2 to 4 games, pack up and pay and (at 00:15) get the last tram home. but the tram didn’t arrive. so we reluctantly decided to walk.

and on our way home we found out why the tram had not arrived: it crashed with a cab.

oh and: then i wanted to withdraw some money, only to find out that, once again, there were some ‘connection problems’. ah well.

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