I’ve been to Budapest

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This new year’s eve was celebrated in Budapest.

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Our train was delayed; a little something to pass the time.

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Left: Hungarian National Museum – Right: Our hostel

131230-233813 131231-010021
Gene (one genuinely great guy) from the Budapest Bubble accompanied us to some clubs.

131231-011825 131231-015028 131231-111024
Serious headache and hangover face; next morning, 11am

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These ladies offered vodka as part of a promotion for their club.

131231-184340 131231-194011 131231-194217 131231-210425
serious amounts of alcohol

131231-221124 131231-221516 131231-221751
general crazy shenanigans

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my sister’s wedding

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after scouting for photo-locations and the bachelor party, the day of my sister’s wedding finally arrived. unfortunately the sky was covered with a a gray sheet of blah, but at lest the temperature was ok and there was no wind or rain.

first thing in the morning we drove up to the castle and took the wedding portraits. this is one of the 3 kinds that we did.

a custom in our village: the groom has to “buy out” the bride from the local youth and prove his “suitability” for her by drinking a number of alcoholic beverages.

now because berni decided to drive up to the castle himself he only had to drink very, very light spritzers.

exchanging rings.

the newlyweds with their son. also best-man and bride of honor.

ballons at the reception and fun-frame portraits for everyone. those portraits were later added to the guestbook.

dinner opening speech.

cutting the wedding (cupcake-)cake. those cupcakes were delicious!

berni receives an unexpected kiss from a friend.

another custom: the bride gets kidnapped by her friends and they go to the nearest bar and the groom has to search for her, consuming a glass of schnaps at every place he searches.

now because we were in a castle and around us was nothing, the bride was led to another room and the husband searched for her in the yard.

while bernie swept for money some thought it would be fun to take his shoes.

*insert romantic music here*

more can be seen here: hochzeit.balroxcat.at

Bachelor Party

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berni’s bachelor party began at an italian restaurant. the “genius” plan was to thank him for the nice evening and sending him home after dinner.

he later told us he went home and watched us prepare beer, shirts, etc. from the bedroom window. well, duh, we parked the cars right in front of it and weren’t exactly silent.

berni was stripped of his regular shirt and got a red one saying “my last chance”. we had black ones with “his last chance”

berni worked at telering for quite a while (now t-mobile) and they use this stereotypical indian character in their ads. so we dressed him up like that. here he gets his eyebrows darkened.

in hopes of getting him drunk berni had to answer a few “who wants to be a millionaire”-style questions. for every wrong answer he had to drink. we were unsuccessful though, he only got 3 questions wrong.

glow-stick parade to a bar in eisenstadt’s center.

on the way: a telering-shop. see the resemblance?

waiting for drinks

and sure enough we met my sister at her party in the same bar. now, usually you’re not supposed to meet, but eisenstadt is so small, it’s just inevitable.

getting drunk …

we only spent 5 mins in this bar, because a) it was way to full and b) age average was 16yrs

at the only place that is open after 2~3am. the guy to the left bought a lot of stuff from my sister’s basket.

one last posed shot in zombie-blue light before going home.

highly intense colors

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how is this intensely colored? it isn’t, but it has reflections and a looking-through window effect.

i think i’ve never been to the wurstelprater at night before. lights and more lights.

tourists everywhere.

nadine and kreso thinking about the getting on the ride seen in the picture below. they didn’t.

lots of flares. the streaky things to the right are caused by a dirty lens. i think it adds character.

spinning thing high above; chairoplane i think. according to a sign it’s the world’s highest at 117m. the view must be fantastic.

oh no, it’s going to crash!

another night: this guy made me think of the simpsons quote about hawaiian shirts.

looking more hammered than they actually are.

one of the most fun family portraits we’ve ever done.

sometimes when i walk past shiny walls i just have to take a self-portrait.

it’s definitely autumny now, just look at the light.

here i was checking out spots for wedding portraits with my sister.

this was also a candidate. in the end we looked at ~10 places, suitable for different weather conditions. the top one met the criteria for the wedding day.

while looking around, another wedding was taking place. we sneakingly got out of their way.

another night…

…we decided to wear shades. they made me trip at least 5 times.

all those guys just randomly flocked to our table and occupied spaces.

hiding with an implied “we should go someplace else”

“take a picture of me eating this rose!”

right before taking this one i tripped due to the darkness of the shades.

the most fascinating thing about this club was, how well ventilated it was. people were smoking, dancing and stuff, but the air was clean and breathable.

9 plus 1 equals 10

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happy new year.

i was very lazy with the photography, so there’s not a lot i can show. anyway:

nadine invited us to celebrate the new year in vorarlberg, as her family has a holiday home there.

we started the journey on the 30th at noon, but before fun and partying we had to sit 7 hours in the car.

after about a quarter of the drive, this “car-trailer+car-on-trailer” combination  in front of us nearly crashed due to a faulty tire. luckily no one was hurt.

we arrived at around 8pm. nadine’s parents were very nice and prepared pizza and salad for us. thank you.

that day we re-discovered the addictiveness of monopoly.

this is nadine’s dog. she’s a real cutie. she watched over kreso and me while the others went skiing.

we wanted to go sledding, but since there was no snow (except for the artificial one on the slopes) we stayed home to do the shopping, cooking, and so on.

after the others arrived it cleared up for a few minutes and so i got a chance to photograph the nighttime view from out balcony. impressive.

an hour later: kreso tries on the cap my sister borrowed me.

salty things and alcohol

christina on the right. me on the left: my lens cap tasted a little dry.

andi and christina. andi had a cold and eventually got us all coughing.

still half an hour to go.

then nearing midnight we had sparkly wine outside and wished each other a new year.

i then sat down outside and enjoyed the view:

the firework was amazing, because it came from everywhere.

christina telling me to get up and get dressed for the next party. luckily that party was only 3 houses away. yay.

the guy with the shirt was the host of this party: martin. he’s christina’s roommate in vienna.

we got home at around 3am, or so.

the weather was mostly fine on january 1st, but we were too tired to do anything. so we just hung around, playing games, chilling…

being tired and lazy we decided to eat at a restaurant. still no snow anywhere.

in fact we were so tired that we went to bed at 11pm already and slept like rocks.

january 2nd brought real snow. not a lot, but everything was white. while the others went skiing again, kreso and i took the dog for a walk on (or rather next to) the slope.

the mountains are hiding in snow clouds.

at first we wanted to drive home on the 2nd, but nadine warned us of the traffic. saying: “if you drive now, your 7 hour drive will turn into an 11 hour one.”

the morning of january 3rd. what a nice view from the balcony.

before we left we also took a group shot.

it was very nice and relaxing and while andi got us all sick it was totally worth it.


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